Tara L. Zeleny, Ph.D.

Tara holds degrees from the University of Southern Colorado, Western State University and from Colorado State University.

Tara earned a Ph.D. in partnership development from Colorado State University and has been recognized both state and nationwide with NAPE for her work in community development innovation and education. She developed the volunteer partnership program for Poudre School District call VIPS.

Tara is a Certified Master Facilitator and is CAPS certified for design.

She specializes in working with groups to establish collaborative partnerships that meet the needs of the organization and the public. Tara works with Concept360° contributing to the study of personality based communication methods and overall concept design and program development.

Tara has created partnerships that work to meet the needs of both community and individuals. She has pioneered the study of mass customizing a design using psychometrics to meet the needs of the individual clients thereby increasing corporate success.

Tara leads with a passion for connecting and making a difference in the lives of others. She volunteers with Common Cathedral for the homeless in Longmont and resides with her husband in Fort Collins.